Hello Friends a…

Hello Friends and Family!

This past week have been somewhat challenging but very blessed indeed. I (Naomi) have been helping out with the last few days of the Kids Camp. This week was “palm week”, so we learned about how to climb a palm tree (not recomended for the children!), how to make fishes out of palm leafs (neat!), and someone even showed us how to crack open a coconut using only natural tools such as rocks and a sharp stick!

 My mom and Joe took a weekend to get away by themselves to an air-conditioned (Whoo hoo!) hotel to celabrate thier birthdays, which are both in August (: They thoroughly enjoyed this time together and even got cold in the room! Funny how you take things like that for granted when you live in the northwest. Hehe. Also while they were away, they tried snorkelling! For my mom, not being much of a “water baby”, it was a little hard for her to put her face under the water and breath, but she soon adapted and had fun seeing all the colorful variety of fish. A great experience for both of them.

While they were away, it opened our dorm room up for our dear friends Micheal and Shari to stay in for a change of scenery. And THAT opened it up for me to have a sleep over in THIER room, where i was able to be with my good friends the Lienau girls (-: Yeah!! Thank you Lord!

Last weekend i went to a large sandy beach that had really clear waters. Because it was sandy on the bottom, there wasn’t really any fish to see unless you went further out in the water where the coral was or over by some rocks. So i had fun searching for shells underwater. I found some interesting ones! And i saw a sea turtle, which is always a treat (: Love, Love, Love snorkelling and swimming underwater. While i was in the water, it made me think of a picture we used to have in our bathroom in our old house, of a typical Hawaii scene; palm trees, white sand, and that really clear water. I always would think, man it would be so fun to swim in that water!  And now, Jesus blessed me and let me be in that water… He’s so good! God is so happy to bless us…we just have to wait on His timing.

 We are all looking forward to seeing everyone when we get back. We miss our friends and family, our church, and also the cool weather… though i do love the summer-ness here. Its always happy and not dreary. Thank you Lord for this blessing of staying in Hawaii. See all y’all soon! (BTW, happy birthday MOM!!!)


Half Way Through Week 3


This morning Naomi is going to the beach with our friends! She will be able to use her new snorkel gear (:  The whole family went on a summer surge activity yesterday, traveling up on a mountain, where it was much cooler and greener. We even got to put on long sleeves! There was one road we drove on that had many really tall trees that were close together, on either side of the road,making a tunnel of sorts. Pulled over to take pictures and our guide encouraged us to feel the bark on he trees..it was spongy!

We also went to “cowboy country”. Sounds strange for Hawaii but surprisingly the largest ranch in the U.S. was on this island..over 1/2 million acres! There’s a shopping area on part of it now with signs that say “whoa” instead of “stop”. Also in this area we walked around an open air farmers market where there were things like young coconuts for sale with straws sticking out of them( $3.00 ). Towards the end of our trip we drove off the main road onto an old former road (complete with double yellow lines still visible) that was so overgrown,only one vehicle at a time could fit on it. The cane grass grows fast and furious and was about 10 feet tall here. Our guide wanted to show us were they used to load cattle and sugar cane onto ships in the early 1900’s at a man made port. It’s also known for great white sharks ( shiver! ) and some crazy guy is tagging them to track their migration route..so far he’s tagged about 300!

Soon after this we piled back into the 5 vehicles and drove home just in time for dinner..then (thankfully) a little quiet time… (with sooo much to do & so many people it’s a rare commodity)

On a more seroius note , could you please keep Joe & I in your prayers? He’s had some health issues that have (along with the heat here) been draining. We know the Lord is working this all out for our good but we both feel pretty stretched.

Thanks dear ones or as they say around here “mahalo”. We love and miss you all ❤

Unless you become as little children..

This week in Kids Camp we had the children pray for each other (6-8 year olds). We all sat on the rug and the lead teacher would call a person up to stand by her. Then she would lead in a simple prayer, thanking God for that person and asking Him to speak to us about him/her. It was precious to hear the simple yet deep things the rest of the kids got from the Lord about each person. One little boy, who seemed to get pictures from the Lord, said, “Um i saw Hope in a field of skeletons and she was making them alive again.” Or another boy said “God told me that Ethan is a shooting star.” Another time, “I saw Lucas with fire all around him but God protected him.” ❤ Lord, give us faith like a child and simple hearts to recieve what You have to say. In Your name, Amen.